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BIOKOSMA, a pioneer in Swiss Certified natural and organic cosmetics, makes modern skincare products using selected plant ingredients.

Swiss quality products give you beautiful, naturally cared-for skin and strong, healthy hair.


BIOKOSMA's aim is to make you feel good all over. To achieve this we develop products that combine effectiveness with gentleness. Our inspiration is drawn from nature.


Our product range is as varied as the needs of our users while being clear and easy to understand. Our aim is to offer modern natural and organic cosmetic solutions for the skin that harness advances in technology while respecting the environment. BIOKOSMA products contain selected high-quality ingredients and are developed and manufactured in Switzerland to reduce transport miles. We also give preference to Swiss organic plant extracts, which supports Swiss farmers.


We have always held true to our principle that BIOKOSMA products should be developed without the use of animal testing. New products are NATRUE-certified. This quality label is your guarantee of genuine natural cosmetics. We also strive to ensure the sustainability of the earth's resources. Our packaging is fully recyclable.




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