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It all started in 1935 with a lemon facial cream developed by Rudolf Muller in a small health food store on Rennweg 15 in Zurich. The business passed to Max Steidle in the 1940s. A forerunner in the promotion of healthy nutrition with a keen sense of the beneficial powers of nature, Max Steidle grew BIOKOSMA into a Swiss pioneer in the field of natural cosmetics. 



















Swiss products made with Swiss plant-based active agents

From the outset, Max Steidle produced his facial and body care products using carefully selected plant-based active ingredients grown and produced in Switzerland, in the heart of the mountains. To this day, nothing has changed in that respect. BIOKOSMA was steadily and purposefully developed as a natural cosmetics brand and continuously adapted to meet evolving customer needs. Adhering to the innovative spirit and original philosophy of Max Steidle, today's BIOKOSMA products are made with organic plants cultivated in Switzerland. State-of-the-art technology ensures gentle processing of the precious raw materials.


Performance and innovation

BIOKOSMA offers a comprehensive range of care products for the face, body and hair. All our products meet the highest requirements in terms of modern, effective care. In the same spirit of the founding family, BIOKOSMA pursues a strategy of ongoing growth, setting itself apart as a Swiss natural cosmetics brand with a reputation for innovation and performance.



Anniversary edition in vintage design

BIOKOSMA would like to thank all customers, trade partners and suppliers for 80 years of loyal and fruitful cooperation.



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