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Corporate Profile

Founded in 1993 as a regional hub for the Gulf countries and Middle East, aimed in providing value-added consumer health care products in specialized categories within the retail and professional sector (including hospitals and dental clinics)


Providing Quality and State of the Art products for the people’s well-being will be always our challenge as an organization. 


The strong network of partners comprises of pharmacies, specialized health care outlets, doctors, hospitals, dental clinics, hotels, airlines and department stores provide us a bigger challenge to grow further. 


In year 2000, BIOKOSMA Middle East s.a.r.l Lebanon offices were founded to handle the LEVANT operations.

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“We are committed to provide Innovation, Uniqueness and Originality. 


We believe that the success of any of our products or brands depends on a Win-Win-Win situation with our partners, retailers, along personal gains for consumers.”


“To enhance the well-being of individuals through

biological, natural and active products in the Middle East and Africa”

Business Principles

  • Favoring successful long-term business development with reliable and professional partners.

  • Recognizing that consumers place their trust in our brands. 

  • Emphasizing on attitude, behavior, responsibility, integrity and competence of the management and the team members as a definition to professionalism.

  • “Open door” policy, whether on specific or general aspects of the business. 

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